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The Ends Justify…Well, Some Gladness, At Least

15 February 2009

Krauthammer does not gloat immodestly; he is clear-headed about the security contingencies, the ongoing threats, and the history of post-colonial Asia and Africa.  The political and social gains in Iraq are tenuous and vulnerable.  But they are gains.  If they hold, they do portend a hopeful future for the ordinary, peace-loving Iraqi.

In fact, it is a remarkable measure of success in Iraq that the recent elections stayed so far under the public radar in the U. S.  The news outlets of record here being so deeply invested in the defeat of the GOP in general and Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld in particular, the “sinews of democracy” that Krauthammer says are finally developing in Iraq don’t fit the template.

So Barack Hussein Obama is now the steward of what responsibility still belongs to the U. S. in Iraq.  He need not pretend to admire former President Bush or his close associates, and he need not pretend to have supported the Bush policy in Iraq, but it will be a terrible tragedy if he fails to hold the gains that have been made there.  Good news, like bad news, ought to be acknowledged for what it is…and what it may represent in terms of humanitarian interests in the Middle East.  

Krauthammer’s column, it seems to qb, is appropriately modest.  Would that the new administration would take a lesson or two from him.


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