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Just Wondering

12 February 2009

Musings from the fringe:


Other than having been born in Illinois – wait, not even that is true – precisely what do Barack Hussein Obama and Abraham Lincoln have in common, and by what conceit does Obama fancy himself an heir of Lincoln’s legacy?  Pardon me, but try as I might, I just can’t see it.  Our newly minted president is an arrogant, self-promoting, power-grabbing emperor-with-no-clothes who has no business holding the reins of power.


The times call for someone from the GOP to arise and catalyze a principled, stalwart, unapologetic, statesmanlike, and thoroughly conservative opposition to the madness currently underway inside the Beltway.


The United States’ GDP – the aggregate value of goods and services produced here – is on the order of $14 trillion per year.  Our national debt is on the order of $11 trillion.  Our annual federal outlays are estimated at 20% of GDP, or about $2.8 trillion.  If I were leveraged to that extent, I’d never qualify for a college-freshman’s Visa card, much less a mortgage.  And now we’re going to add about $1-2 trillion to our debt, depending on whose numbers we trust.  At what point do we require debt to be secured with hard assets rather than passed forward to children who may not be able to service it…and even if they are able, who decided it was morally permissible to do so?  When can we expect our political class to recouple debt and equity in a meaningful way?  Drunken sailors staggering through the Riviera with the Admiral’s MasterCard don’t even behave like this.


Speaking of that:  has anyone tried to assign a credit score to the U. S. on par with Equifax and TransUnion?  My wife and I are both around 800 and were just wondering what Uncle Sam’s would be.


It occurred to me this morning, upon reflection, that whenever it appears that a train has left the station, when it appears that the fix is in, qb reflexively votes for the opposition.  Maybe that’s why qb enjoyed Safire’s The First Dissident so much.  (That, and Safire’s incomparable turn of phrase.)  He’s right:  the center must not hold.


And lastly, to Senator Gregg (R-NH):  You’re just now discovering important philosophical differences with the president?  

Oy, veh.  I guess I’m glad you withdrew, but why wasn’t it obvious to you from the start that you were…

  • …a token Republican in…
  • …a dead-end appointment to…
  • …an agency for which you’ve already demonstrated contempt?

Just wondering,


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  1. 13 February 2009 1:45 pm

    Okay, qb. Try this: you (and I) seem to devote a lot of time thinking about this kind of stuff, quite frankly, about which we have precious little hope of influencing. As very affluent and otherwise blessed disciples of Jesus, how might we devote our wit and our prayers to “the least of these” in more immediate fashion? As a sporting exercise I take “pleasure” in fencing with fine minds such as yours. But suppose I convince you of my position on a particular political oe economic issue or personage: what have I accomplished? And have I accomplished it through mental prowess or through love? (I realize we could debate that in a highly nuanced fashion.) Being thirty years removed as I am from academia (when I was a Goldwater-Reagan voice crying in a “liberal” wilderness) and its general gnostic make-up–whether right or left–I still relish such interchange highly and consider myself a fellow-traveler. Ideas may well be my temptation to idolatry. And I am not asking you to come over to what you would consider to be the “dark” side. But blessedly–now and again–I am witness to messy incarnation and am called by my faith to be there, or am there and surrender to it.

    You regard Obama as arrogant. I regard Bush as arrogant. But both are men–even as Christ was. I need to remember that.

    I will sign off because my lunch break is ending and I have to get back to my Veterans. They, in their broken bodies and damaged spirits, bring me daily, sometimes painfully, to experience the incarnation.



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