Political Schadenfreude: A Luxury Item

From the “you can’t make this stuff up” file:

1.  The most ethical Administration since the Great Schism has now seen three major appointments withdrawn due to *ahem* distractions, a fourth confirmed under a cloud of inconvenient tax *ahem* difficulties, and a fifth confirmed despite his key role in President Clinton’s widely condemned pardon of the fugitive Marc Rich.

2.  The greenest president in history has his wintertime Oval Office thermostat set to a temperature just this side of “tropical.”

3.  The smarmiest vice president in history fumbled a swearing-in script just two weeks after lampooning Chief Justice Roberts for his mishandling of the presidential oath of office.  (Yes, Biden’s gaffe took place in a mock swearing-in instead of a real one, but the irony is just too delicious.)

4.  What was that about “no lobbyists in this White House?”


Y’know, I just might grow to love these next four years, now that I think about it.


One thought on “Political Schadenfreude: A Luxury Item

  1. qb,
    love the new look!

    As for Obama, what a sham! He is my president, but I suspect the public is catching a heavy dose of reality and finding the big O only has Democrat lenses.
    Cult of personality doesnt do so well when it’s time to make decisions that really matter.

    Keep up the good work!

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