An Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn

Dear Senator Cornyn:

As a staunch supporter of you and Senator Hutchison, and of conservative principles in general, I respectfully  request that you and Senator Hutchison exert every effort to defeat this abominable, so-called “stimulus” bill,  which is nothing of the sort and which will, if passed, inevitably serve as both a baseline for future budgets  and a precedent for future politics.

I firmly believe that this bill is so deplorable and so opposed to the Founders’ vision for federal restraint  that it deserves to be filibustered – win or lose.

With all due respect to your colleagues in the House and the 11 Democrats who joined them in ultimately futile  opposition to the bill yesterday, the bill was so sure to pass the House that opposition carried precisely zero political risk. Not so with your colleagues in the Senate. We taxpayers look  to you, Senator Hutchison, and  your colleagues in the GOP caucus as the last line of defense against a breathtaking expansion of government, an astonishingly brazen transfer of wealth, and an unconscionable exercise in  mortgaging the wealth of our posterity, our children and their children. Your vote and the votes of your caucus  colleagues will be politically consequential because a filibuster-driven defeat of the bill is within your grasp  if you have the political will to reach for it.  Mere symbolism or a moral victory will not do.

Please use every rhetorical and parliamentary tool at your disposal to defeat this monstrosity. Thank you for  your consideration.

Sincerely and with great respect,

B. W. A.

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