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Scylla, Charybdis, and Some Latter-Day Philistines

30 December 2008

John Bolton gives us a sobering word.


Let me get this straight.  If I need to be corrected on any factual matter, by all means bring it.

1.  Under the direction of PM Ariel Sharon, the Israelis pull out of Gaza in 2005, forcibly evicting recalcitrant Israelis and razing the settlements, completing the work by September 12th.  The Palestinians finish the job by destroying the Jewish synagogues the IDF left behind.  Remarkably, Kofi Annan and other UN figureheads give their approval to Sharon’s deed.

2.  Hamas assumes control and governance of Gaza in 2007 after routing Fatah, both politically and militarily.  Sympathizers launch Qassam and Grad rockets into southern Israel, into little towns like Sderot.  Although the number of killed and wounded civilians is thought to be small (by whose standards?), the psychological effects are indisputable; terrified Israelis begin to flee towns near Gaza.

3.  A nominal cease-fire brokered by Egypt begins on June 19, 2008.  Instead of ceasing altogether, however, the Qassam launches diminish from hundreds to – merely! – dozens per month.  The IDF imposes a blockade in an effort to shut down the flow of rockets and other armaments into Gaza from Hamas sponsors and allies.

4.  Hamas and its sympathizers continue to launch Qassam rockets from their haven in Gaza into southern Israel, striking progressively deeper and, just this week, reaching the Beer-Sheva metropolitan area.  Targets – to the extent such a crude weapon can be thought to have a target – are almost exclusively civilian.

5.  After a barrage of leaflets and radio transmissions urging Gazans shielding Hamas fighters and weapons caches to move to safety, the IDF strikes Hamas facilities, weapons, and leadership from the air, preparing for what appears to be an inevitable ground assault to eliminate the rockets and mortars and secure the cities of the Negev.


Let me get this straight:  Somehow, according to Richard Falk, the Israelis are the ones guilty of atrocities?

What color is the sky in his world, anyway?


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