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Constitutionalism on Life Support

22 December 2008

George Will at his pithy best on the Bush Administration’s recent violence against the Constitution.

In search of long-term therapy options for what ails us, Larry Arnn gives us a tall, stern order.


In an Auvermann Administration, the likes of Dr. Arnn would be the new, cabinet-level Inspector General of Constitutional Philosophy, with standing orders to criticize the POTUS witheringly, directly to the mass media (and giving talking points to POTUS’ congressional opposition), whenever the POTUS engages in anti-Madisonian excursions.  George Will would be Secretary of Labor and Commerce, the two Departments being combined to facilitate coherence in federal economic policy.  And all legislative proposals originating in the White House would be required to pass through the Inspector General’s office for “constitutionalism scoring” before being submitted to Congress for consideration.  All bills passed by Congress would pass through the Inspector General’s office for the same purpose prior to the POTUS signing them.  The Inspector General’s office would also contain a devil’s advocacy bureau, independent of the Defense Department, responsible for publicly questioning – through a constitutional filter, not Augustinian “just war” theory! – every justification set forth by the POTUS for engaging in substantial, new military commitments.  (Rationale:  it’s Congress’ responsibility to weigh just-war considerations when deciding whether or not to declare war.  Once war is declared, it is the POTUS’ responsibility to execute the declaration to its prescribed endpoint.)

The Inspector General’s office is therefore designed to advise the POTUS as to how he or she may “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” from its domestic enemies, and to force Congress to take responsibility for its task in authorizing the POTUS to protect the Constitution from its foreign enemies.


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  1. 23 December 2008 2:09 pm


    Hmmm. Was Madison “Madisonian” in supporting Jefferson’s purchase of Louisana to support his vision of a non-commercial republic and to underwrite the cash-poor French tyrant, Napoleon?

    Congress has the power to reign in presidential excesses but lacks the will (pardon the pun). The President can use the veto but also lacks the will (for the dittoheads).

    Arnn (since I’ve already set punning precident) you worried that you have no one to inspect the Inspector General of Constitutional Philosophy?

    Isn’t it the people’s job to watch the modus of the potus?

    Coop (sometimes full of bullpoop)

  2. queueball permalink*
    23 December 2008 3:14 pm

    It just goes to show ya, Coop, that even the greatest minds and the most spot-on ideas give way to Machiavellian expediency now and again. One wishes that it were the exception rather than the rule.


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