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15 Minutes of Fame

8 December 2008

It‘s finally here, and I think I’m glad.


Back in the day, when qb was in Aggieland, the Weather Channel was pretty new and pretty trendy, at least for us pionty-heads.  It takes quite a push of Arctic air to make it down to College Station, so when it happens, it’s a big deal, and we would gather some partiers together at our duplex, along with some Coca-Cola, our pipes, and some vanilla tobacco.  We’d fire up our pipes, pitch our picnic chairs in the front (north-facing) yard, and watch it come in.

One year, we decided to tell the Weather Channel “WJs” what we were doing, so we called 411 in Atlanta and got the number.  Sure enough, they patched us through to the weather desk.  If I recall correctly, the WJ on call was Mark Mancuso.  A segment or two later, coming back from some commercials, there he was:  “We just got a communique’ (yes, he used that word!) from College Station, Texas, where they are having an Arctic Blast party.  Good thing, too; the Arctic express is on its way and should be there within an hour or two.”

No, they never mentioned our names, but we didn’t care.  We may have been the only folks watching the Weather Channel back then, anyway.

So much for half of my 15 minutes of fame.  (The other half I spent becoming the “avatar of goop” at a Tex-Mex dive down there in the Brazos Valley.)


Watch out, Amarillo, here it comes:  1-2″ tonight, and maybe more.  About time we got some white stuff.


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  1. 11 December 2008 2:44 pm


    Do you realize that Texas–had it maintained its independence–would have not only great Tex-Mex but also ski slopes?


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