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“Media Malpractice,” or a Lazy Electorate, or Both?

18 November 2008

Astonishing but hilarious but damning but sad.

Read the quiz, and take it yourself.  How well did you do?


If you were an average Obama voter, you didn’t do so well.

It may not have been your fault, though, if you got your information through the primary media sources.


On the other hand, maybe that’s precisely why it IS your fault you didn’t do so well.  

It also shows why it’s always worth asking:  why do we uncritically accept the notion that efforts to increase turnout are an unmitigated, social and political good?  Is it better to have 100 million people with systematically poor grasp of simple (but highly leveraging) facts vote in elections of national scope and importance, or is it better to have an electorate of 55 million people with a relatively accurate grasp of simple facts and an ability to separate media wheat from media chaff using their critical-thinking faculties?  

(Keep in mind that the pollster was actually overly generous in counting a response of “Palin” as a correct answer to the question about Tina Fey’s parody of Palin’s foreign-policy experience.  This was no ideologically driven hatchet job.)



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