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A Little Assignment in Imaginative Exposition

17 September 2008

I needed a safe place to jot down these questions, which occurred to me over lunch.  Ignore them.


In Technopoly, Neil Postman posits a “connection between the invention of eyeglasses in the thirteenth century and experiments in gene-splicing in the twentieth:  …in both cases we reject the proposition that anatomy is destiny, and through technology define our own destiny.”

Make his two-fold argument for him.  

Then:  What is the significance of Postman’s connection vis-a-vis self-determination?

Then:  How does one learn to observe the “signs of the times” in such a trenchant way, and posit such interesting and compelling connections as Postman’s?

Finally:  How ought a Christian to think of “self-determination” as a characteristic of human freedom and will (stipulating, of course, that we have it)?


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