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The “Hockey Mom” with the Schoolteacher Look

29 August 2008

Oh, what a great day it is today.

Count qb among the formerly disaffected members of the conservative base who are suddenly giddy with excitement and totally energized over McCain’s brilliant, brilliant pick for a running mate:  Alaska’s 44-year-old governor, Mrs. Sarah Palin.

Where are my new yard signs?

And it didn’t take long for the Obama campaign to take the bait and swallow it down to the gills.  Let’s concede for the sake of argument (I don’t, but let’s do it anyway) that Mr. McCain has put someone with no relevant foreign-policy experience “one heartbeat away from the presidency.”  

The Democrats have put a foreign-policy neophyte precisely ZERO heartbeats away.  Can they not detect the irony?  It’s delicious, and it’s funny besides.  

This is going to be fun – unless McCain has not done enough homework on Mrs. Palin.  But I kinda doubt it.  Even if the Palin pick does not give McCain an advantage, at least it may have a chance of leveling the playing field, given the mainstream media’s breathtaking, almost pornographic bias in favor of Mr. Obama.


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  1. Mike K permalink
    31 August 2008 5:25 pm


    I don’t think you get it…the McCain folks were the first to throw out the experience issue against Obama….and now they just took it off the table with this pick. My guess is the McCain focus groups told them that the experience issue was not gaining them any ground so instead they went for the gender issue and the Hillary voters. This strategy will most likely backfire because although Hillary supporters want a women in the whitehouse in the worst way, but they won’t back someone as conservative as Palin.

    The choice of Palin may energize some folks who were lukewarm about McCain…but let’s face it….you would’ve voted for him anyway.

  2. joanna permalink
    2 September 2008 11:09 am

    Hillary supporters will never vote for Palin. Who is telling John McCain what to do and why is he listening to them? Maybe because he is too old and out of touch to understand what is really going on in this country. CHANGE means people are fed up with the religous right running our government. She represents everything we do not want to represent the United States. This is an International World we live in not a backward gun carrying lets elect a former beauty queen with five kids to be our VP. PLEAZZZZE. I think Fox News has enough of that already.

  3. Ben permalink
    2 September 2008 1:37 pm


    The McCain choice shows an acute understanding of the silent majority in this country who lament the very things championed by the radical left as embodied by B. Hussein Obama. Palin was a superb choice – even with the baggage – because she reflects so well what so many women desire to be – women of accomplishment who still hold within the very fiber of their being a desire for family and home life. The feminist movement is dead, yet real women have few places to go if they do not adhere to the Democrat Party mantra stipulating all men are bad and should occupy the “sex in the city” status as mere functionaries.

    McCain successfully garnered the ‘change’ issue from Obama by doing what the Big O didnt have the nerve to do…select a woman for VP. Those that would have us embrace the “international world” view only serve to promote a worldview that relegates American sovereignty to the whims of other countries. How is such a view any different from the North American World of the mid-18th century? Surprisingly similar, only now we have the freedom to vote and elect our own officials.

    The fact that the left have come out swinging with such fervor and animosity only proves McCain hit a home run with his VP pick.

  4. queueball permalink*
    2 September 2008 3:39 pm

    Ben, I think you’ve nailed it. Back in the day, the U. S. was a dissident voice for self-determination in a world of fiefdoms and monarchies and despots. Now, self-determination is thought to be naive or quaint; we are supposed to become like all the other nations, which Rumsfeld famously called the “Old Europe.” The divide between old, accommodationist, sit-on-our-hands-and-dither Europe and energetic, new democracies like Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia is astounding.

    The U. S. may be seriously deficient in our modern expression of democratic republicanism and civic virtue, but that does not mean that our founding ideas were wrong, as Old Europe seems to want us to admit. Our founding ideas stand as one of the last, remaining ideological bulwarks against despotism and tyranny.

    It is funny to watch the left go through its contortions trying to explain its opposition to Palin in such sexist, self-immolating terms. McCain has thrown them a nearly unhittable pitch. It is not decisive, necessarily, but it sure has made the batters look silly!


  5. joanna permalink
    2 September 2008 5:22 pm

    Ben: I love how YOU REPUBLICANS twist everything to make it so right/ wing. Come on; Its so over, Bush has a 64% disapproval rate even with his born again wife at his side. Who are you kidding? Palin does not represent American Women. She ??.represents the far right hyprocites that run your party. Everything about her is a double edge sword. NO I dont mind a little sin in the family, but the moral majority are the people who say one thing and live another. Family Values? What are you talking about? You cant have it both ways. Oh Wait her husband was arrested for drunk driving, teenage daughter preggers, she is obviously not going to be a soccer mom who makes it to any soccer games. She is the ultimate Hypocrisy that well symbolizes the Republican Party, and I wont even mention John McCain and Cindy McCains affair which devestated his wonderful sick wife who waited for him to come home from the Viet Nam War. H Y P O C R I T E S…shame on all of you

  6. joanna permalink
    2 September 2008 5:55 pm

    p.s. I was just wondering who is going to the KINGDOM, Just you Republicans ??RIGHT??? Do you really believe in the Rapshire? Is that what this is really all about? Is Sara, going too. You all scare me.

  7. Ben permalink
    3 September 2008 9:18 am

    Well, Joanna, it seems my post touched a nerve with you. Certainly, you have the right to your opinion. I did not write my posts to defend the Republican party. And, I’m really not that much of a McCain fan. I have concerns. But you can be assured of one thing – I would never call you a hypocrite. I dont know you. I can only know you by what you have written – and, from the looks of it, you are an angry, frustrated woman who is surprised to read of people in this country who find a conservative Governor of Alaska a worthy choice for VP. Considering the Governor has been in elected office longer than the Democratic Presidential candidate, I would think one would at least find such an accomplishment worthy of something, right? Furthermore, there is always a tendency to believe one’s own circle of friends constitutes the majority view. Given my own work circumstances, I’m privy to a much larger set of opinions and have discovered that the Palin selection means a great deal to many women disenchanted by feminist movement. Many feel they have a voice precisely because of Palin’s life circumstances and worldview. Would you, Joanna, deny them their opinion?

    Yet you raise a more important issue in your third post above; one that requires a response, in my view.

    Authentic Christianity in this country is a far cry from what you will see on TV and in the media or in the lofty rafters of the political elite (there are always exceptions, but few). Sadly, human beings are fallible; They make mistakes. The antagonistic media in this country dislikes Christians at best and is quick to point out those who mistakes because Christians aspire to honor Christ by living virtuously. Such news makes great TV and helps perpetuate the idea that Christianity is bad for society.

    Those who would equate Christianity with the Republican party misunderstand the connection. Is there one? Yes. More Christians vote Republican than Democrat because many of them believe the Republican party – as an entity – shares *some* of their views. Still, there are some Christians who believe the Democratic party shares their views. In other words, to characterize all Christians as members of one party is to misunderstand how Christians view their relationship to the political system in this country. All Christians are citizens of God’s Kingdom first. Therefore, my vote for GWB in 2004 was based not on his Christianity, but on his commitments regarding the way he would govern our country. I will apply the same rational this year.

    Finally, it is not my place to exclude any who call on Christ as their Lord regardless their political affiliation. It is God who will judge, not me. So, Joanna, while you may be frustrated by the prospect of another Republican leadership that includes a conservative, white female who places family in high regard, the likelihood of another inept Democratic Party controlled Congress remaining in power should at least give you some solace.

  8. joanna permalink
    3 September 2008 10:20 am

    Ben you made some valid points that I do respect. I must say that I find it so ironic that anytime someone questions Republicans they are characterized as “ANGRY” Isnt it okay to express views with passion? Now I would like to address the conservative white female who puts her family in high regard. Did she stop and think how her daughter would feel during this sensitve time in her life being thrust into the public eye of not just the United States but the world? How about her new born baby with special needs? A soccer mom who does not attend soccer games? Palin puts her family first? How? Or Palin puts Power and recognition first . She actually is living the life of a feminist but you say that women like her are disenchanted with the feminist movement? That is why I feel the word HYPOCRITE describes this way of thinking. Anti Feminist women would say family first, and if you have five children be reponsible and take care of them. Feminist would say it is okay to have both and you can make it work. It just seems to be that the right wing men and women in this country pick and choose and distort the facts all under the term “Christianity” I believe that many Americans are tired of the religous right trying to conrol our government and after the last eight years the proof is there. ITs a big mess.

  9. 4 September 2008 1:35 pm

    QB — You hit the nail on the head. I was NOT going to vote for McCain (I was going to vote Libertarian). But Palin has changed my mind.

    The best thing about McCain/Palin??? She’s only a heartbeat away from the Presidency!!!

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