You, Dear Voter, Are Clearly an Idiot

The opportunities for cynical forms of phoniness – commitments to appearances without being bothered by substance – just keep blossoming without end.

In other words, we want to throw a bone to Clinton supporters to make it look as if their voice is being heard, but we don’t want to risk what might happen if it really were.

Look, Democrats, don’t even bother putting up the sham.  Have some guts, and give your fellow citizens some credit:  silence the Clintonistas, and then defend having done so (if you feel you must) on the basis that…well, Obama won the delegate race, if that means anything.  This little parliamentary maneuver is silly, patronizing, transparent…

Whatever you do, though, don’t treat the rest of us observers as idiots.


One thought on “You, Dear Voter, Are Clearly an Idiot

  1. Since both parties will continue the print/spend fiscal policy, for me foreign policy is utmost in my mind and fear. I dread McCain’s “kill ’em all and let God sort them out” mind set. Our founding fathers demanded civilian control over the military. With McCain (no civilian) and his retired military appointments to the four DoC cabinet posts, there will be NO civilian control.
    OTOH, I feal Obama’s inexperience in foreign affairs.
    I guess I’ll cast my vote for Barr.

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