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From Wormwood, With Love

4 August 2008
Dear Readers,
I thought you might benefit from this. See below for some great information about marketing your churches during the upcoming fall campaign.   



MINDSTORM Fall 2008 
We’d love to partner with you this Fall in reaching the heart of your community. This back-to-school season is a pivotal time for families and individuals as they look for stability and a renewed sense of community. Below we list strategies with examples of supporting campaigns that effectively communicate to people’s heart-felt needs.  
  Open House Sunday.  Hold an Open House or Community Day in early September.  Let families know you are there to support their dreams and facilitate healthy growth in people’s lives for the upcoming year.

Getting back into the swing of things... 

The best treasures are buried in her heart 

Re-branding “Church”.  Break through people’s misconceptions about church outreach. Let them know that you care about their unique purpose and God-given dreams.

It’s not really about going to church. 
It’s about coming to life. 

Don’t Change A Thing.

 Celebrate Life.  Whether the emphasis is on a sermon series, Fall community events, or a new children’s program, you can make Fall an enriching experience by communicating that the church is a vibrant and organic 24/7 community… that celebrates all of life. 

It’s not really about going to church. 
It’s about coming to life. 

Fall Harvest Festival Event


 Grand Opening or Re-launch.  Reach people looking for a fresh start.  Church planting projects or announcing new ministries create an opportunity to help people reconsider the benefits of belonging.  

Something Very Special and Beautiful 
Is Just Now Coming To Life In Our Community. 

Do you think Church is a waste of time?

Key dates for September 7 Sunday event

Taking orders as late as Aug 12

To run multiple cards Please call or reserve now

Two Things We Will Never Do: 


1. Create campaigns that project competition or schisms among local churches instead unity.
2. License the same campaign to more than one church in the same market area.  It’s our goal to maintain the integrity of your church’s unique identity in the community.


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  1. 8 August 2008 6:26 pm

    One second before the massive Olympics opening ceremony begins, but wanted offer my assistance in removing tongue firmly placed in cheek. 😉

    I fear your subtle, droll sense of humor has struck once again. 🙂

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