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A Simple Thought Experiment on Immigration

11 July 2008

Let’s Get This Straight:

Enacting laws and ordinances aimed at – get this! – making illegal immigrants illegal (“no, really, we mean it this time”) is NOT racist or xenophobic.

Let us take two Hispanic individuals who have immigrated to the U. S., one of whom has gone through proper channels, the other of whom has not.  

What is the difference between them?  They’re both Hispanic, so it can’t possibly be a race or ethnicity issue.  

The only difference?  One is legal, the other is illegal.  One should be here; the other should not.  One of them should be welcomed with open arms and a job; the other should go back home (or be “helped” to do so, if needed) and either work there or go through proper channels to come back, as all of the legal immigrants have exerted themselves to do.

This stock “racism” charge is a bunch of nonsense in the general case, and our elected representatives ought to be saying so.  Do we have racists around?  Sure.  But the immigration argument itself stands without any reference to race or ethnicity.


Imagine qb’s surprise to read a quote from the late Barbara Jordan (D-TX), who is said to have formulated credible immigration policy as, “people who should get in, get it; people who should not enter are kept out; and people who are deportable should be required to leave.”  

*As quoted by Michelle Malkin, “Immigration and National Security,” Imprimis 37(7):7.


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