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Aging, Not So Gracefully

9 July 2008

qb’s mid-life crisis continues.  Three years ago, I was in arguably the best physical shape of my life, at least since high school; now, I am probably in the worst shape of my entire life.  How quickly progress is lost…

In any event, last evening I joined an adult, coed team to play in an summer soccer league.  I started as a midfielder, and the opposing team ran me ragged right from the start.  I couldn’t keep up with their female left wing, I couldn’t beat anyone with the dribble, my muscles wouldn’t respond to my brain’s nimble commands, and I felt as if I were going to vomit from the exertion after the first 45-minute half.  (What a total loser!)  I offered to play goalkeeper for the 2nd half, which went much better.  But as I awoke this morning, my whole body was in a painful form of rigor mortis.

We have another game Thursday night.  Great.

Then Saturday morning, the 2008 Amarillo Open tennis tournament begins, and I’ve signed up for the men’s 4.5 singles.  Assuming I survive that long, that first match could get ugly; my rotator cuff muscles aren’t strong enough to support my old serve-and-volley game.  

It is a sure sign that I’m aging that I’m going to have to outfox rather than overpower my opponents.  The latter is so much more fun!

I’m sure I’m the first one to say this:  Oh, to be young and strong again.


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