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Energy Policy, Part I

19 May 2008

People seem to take it as an article of faith that it’s best if we start drilling more domestically (ANWR, coastal Florida, Santa Barbara offshore) and using our own fossil fuel reserves so that we don’t ship so much cash overseas to fund the terrorists and all the rest.

But if it’s true that we’re approaching the worldwide peak in oil extraction, doesn’t it make more sense in the long term to burn other people’s oil while it’s still relatively cheap, and save our oil for when the rest of the world runs out?  And shouldn’t we be burning other people’s oil to try to find ways to reduce our own energy use?

Imagine:  China and India and the U. S. burn all of Iran’s and Venezuela’s oil, and they run out before we turn the spigot on ANWR.  Sounds like energy security to me.



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