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America’s Low Pain Threshold

13 April 2008

One of the great favors that a great American continues to do for us is to skim off the frothy debris and show us the essence of whatever national pathos happens to be rolling at a media-driven boil.  Right now, that pathos is little more than that of a spoiled brat who can’t beLEEEEEEVE his parents are asking him to clean his room.

It’s fashionable to think that we’re in an economic crisis.  Yes, there are people who are in bad shape.  But George Will has done us the great favor of showing that it’s not a national crisis, and its cure will simply create more bitter, spoiled people who are not getting showered with cynical giveaways.  And they’ll be the pathetic next class of victims, with their wings folded and their beaks agape, waiting for mama to bring them a worm.


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  1. mikerucker permalink
    27 April 2008 3:19 pm

    the gw link just took me to a bunch of will’s columns… i’m assuming you’re talking about the world-not-going-to-end one?

    the federal reserve, qb, is obviously the antichrist. 🙂 read griffin’s book, “the creature from jekyll island” – it’ll make you angry and sick. the “bailout” of bear stearns was nothing of the sort -it was fire sale which you and i will ultimately pay for, while the jp morgans and the third nationals get richer and richer and reicher and reicher… (see how easy that is to make happen?)

    i sure wish we could come up with something to do about it. the presidential candidates and political parties will again reduce our most important election to another game of duck-duck-goose.

    i am getting increasingly angry, however, at the talking heads on radio who seem to care nothing about the goings on with the fiscal side of US policy. oh, they’ll talk unemployment, inflation rates, and we’re-not-officially-in-a-recession, but someone with a podium should start telling the american people how the dollar moves through this broken monolith – give everyone a crash course – uh, sorry, that was a poor choice of words – in economics.

    but somebody please get on TV and radio and say, “we’re mad as where-God-sends-esau-because-esau-lost-in-the-celestial-election-and-God-now-has-to-hate-him-and-burn-him-forever-hey-don’t-blame-us-it’s-in-the-bible and we’re not going to take it anymore…”.

    well, one can still hope, i guess…

  2. queueball permalink*
    28 April 2008 12:57 pm

    Yeah, mike, that one. I’ve updated the link to make it more precise. Thanks for the good catch.


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