qb: Guilty, As Charged

Here’s an article that is well worth the time by Tom Blackaby.

Blackaby indicts qb and anyone else who would presume to take on the role of shepherding others into a disciple’s relationship with Christ but who does so by taking shortcuts, “seeking” God by relying on the fruit of others’ spiritual labors.

That is not to say that reading what others have written is lazy in itself. It would surely be arrogant for any of us to claim that our understanding of God is purely original and does not stand on the shoulders of others. But we know – don’t we? – when we are taking shortcuts to the knowledge of God instead of seeking Him ourselves.

By doing that, we contribute to the distinctively Western culture of “commoditization,” by which I mean this: knowledge of God is treated as a commodity to be stockpiled by the elites, then repackaged for mass consumption so that we can all get the heady sense that we know God as well as those who really did the hard, creative work of seeking Him in the first place. The result of that is precisely what we observe today in our churches, by and large: we are consumers of religious products and services, looking for the lowest-cost simulation of the real thing – “he sure looks like a disciple of Jesus! – instead of seeking to possess the genuine article.



As Paul put it: I want to know Christ and the power of His rising, to share in His suffering and conform to His death. I can’t get there by shopping around at the big-box religious warehouses or calling in a catalog order.


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