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“All Jesus, All the Time”

19 March 2008

Well, the otherwise subterranean War Between the Prophets has moved to prime time.  We have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright going off on America the Evil on Obama’s side, and now we have The “Honorable” James David Manning going off on Obama, the “Emissary of the Devil” (WARNING:  EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE CONTENT) on the other.  These gentlemen do not represent African American Christians as a whole, of course.  But check out Manning’s web site and the YouTube link and see for yourself:  is he really about “All Jesus, All the Time?”

Maybe in an upcoming post we’ll give some thought to discerning the prophetic voice.  Clearly, Manning believes he speaks for God, as does Wright.  But they come to polar-opposite political conclusions.  Interesting, to say the least.

baffled qb 

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