I Wish I Could Say that I Had the Cojones

RE: Tibet, China, and the IOC.

My gut tells me that supporting the Beijing Olympics would be tantamount to subsidizing the unapologetic violation of human rights and the willful thumbing of China’s nose at the causes of freedom and human dignity.

My heart would break for the hundreds and thousands of athletes for whom Beijing might be their one shot at redemption for the years of hours and the oceans of sweat and tears they’ve poured into athletic excellence.

My head knows that the President of the IOC is only discharging his responsibility as a hireling in urging against a boycott of the Beijing Games. My head also knows, however, that China is banking – literally – on a successful Games to help them validate their status as a bona fide First World country, with all of the global prerogatives pertaining thereto (which include, they hope, respect).

They don’t deserve it.

But my mind also wonders if I would have the guts to step down as IOC President and call for – nay, spearhead – the boycott. I’d like to think I would, but the pressure…lands!

Meantime, my eyes say: “wouldn’t it be something to see?”


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