Fiscal Schadenfreude?

  Forgive my ignorance; I just want to toss an idea or two out there.  This stuff arose while I thought about Mr. McCain’s explanation of his economic policies recently. Some investments, like standard stocks and mutual funds, pay me handsomely if the businesses in question do well, benefiting all shareholders.  If the boat isContinue reading “Fiscal Schadenfreude?”

qb: Guilty, As Charged

Here’s an article that is well worth the time by Tom Blackaby. Blackaby indicts qb and anyone else who would presume to take on the role of shepherding others into a disciple’s relationship with Christ but who does so by taking shortcuts, “seeking” God by relying on the fruit of others’ spiritual labors. That isContinue reading “qb: Guilty, As Charged”

Can’t Live With ’em, Can’t Live Without ’em

From the “cognitive dissonance” file: I had breakfast today with one of my closest friends in the entire world, and as is customary, the conversation moved quickly out of the shallows.  The question was, as it has been for months – can it be a year already? – since Hillside Christian Church became too inhospitable: Continue reading “Can’t Live With ’em, Can’t Live Without ’em”

“All Jesus, All the Time”

Well, the otherwise subterranean War Between the Prophets has moved to prime time.  We have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright going off on America the Evil on Obama’s side, and now we have The “Honorable” James David Manning going off on Obama, the “Emissary of the Devil” (WARNING:  EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE CONTENT) on the other.  These gentlemen do not represent African AmericanContinue reading ““All Jesus, All the Time””

Moral Hazard, Precedent, and Corporate Entitlements

I don’t pretend to know what would have happened had not Bernanke et al. pulled the trigger on the Bear Stearns bailout, but I have to admit to some serious discomfort with the precedent that it sets. Corporate America is now a protected class, which implies something terribly distasteful, something terribly inconsistent with classical notions ofContinue reading “Moral Hazard, Precedent, and Corporate Entitlements”

I Wish I Could Say that I Had the Cojones

RE: Tibet, China, and the IOC. My gut tells me that supporting the Beijing Olympics would be tantamount to subsidizing the unapologetic violation of human rights and the willful thumbing of China’s nose at the causes of freedom and human dignity. My heart would break for the hundreds and thousands of athletes for whom BeijingContinue reading “I Wish I Could Say that I Had the Cojones”

Willard vs. Hybels

An interesting excerpt from an interview of Dallas Willard:  Willard has avoided many of the trappings of a high-impact ministry; colleagues like Moreland, Foster, and Higginbotham mention his generosity of spirit and his patient humility. He doesn’t have a book agent, has never pursued a book deal, doesn’t charge a set speaking fee, and doesn’t sell hisContinue reading “Willard vs. Hybels”