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Tragic Tuesday (a. k. a., what were you Southerners thinking?)

5 February 2008

The returns gave Huckabee a bunch of Southern delegates on the single biggest primary/caucus/state-convention day of the nomination season.  qb is a Southerner, born in Dallas and residing in Amarillo, and he does not understand why his fellow Southerners are allowing Huckabee to give McCain the breathing room he needs to secure a pervasive sense of inevitability that will carry him to the GOP nomination.  It defies logic.

Here are  some obvious and salient facts:

1.  Huckabee will not be the presidential nominee; the best he can hope for is a VP call from McCain, who is Dr. Jekyll to Huckabee’s Mr. Hyde.  The only thing that unites the two of them, in qb’s judgment, is an irrational xenophobia about a Mormon.

2.  McCain’s positions (as measured by deeds/votes, not mere campaign words, cynically tailored rhetoric, and conveniently timed epiphanies) on a wide range of important national issues are almost indistinguishable from the Democrats’ positions with whom McCain allied himself to get certain things done in the Senate.

qb can only conclude that religious xenophobia has trumped ideological conviction in the South.  What a terrible indictment of nominally conservative Southerners. 

California, we true-blue conservatives were depending on you to give Mr. Romney a fighting chance at the convention this summer.  Without you folks in Orange County and the San Joaquin Valley and other red blobs on the California map, Mr. Romney – the only remaining GOP candidate whose positions can reliably and truthfully be called consistently conservative – has no shot at the nomination.

1.  Secure the border first?  Huckabee and McCain both fail this test when they vote their hearts.  But it’s clear that they can read tea leaves and “recalibrate,” which you and I ought to know as “putting our finger in the wind.”

2.  Regard the freedom of political speech as among the handful of truly sacred political rights that must not be infringed?  McCain has no problem signing his name as a sponsor of legislation that does precisely the opposite and that views the First Amendment as little more than a tactical obstacle to be overcome.

3.  Construe “strict constructionism” as the paradigm for federal appellate judges and SC justices?  McCain (and his disciple, Mr. Graham of SC) would rather barter and peddle his incremental influence in the Senate than strike a heavy, parliamentary blow for Scalian originalism.

This is really sad.  “Super” Tuesday 2008 ended up being an arrow through the heart of the kind of muscular, principled conservatism that wins nationally and actually changes the direction that the nation moves when it is self-centered and undisciplined.  Given a choice between a deeply, commitedly liberal Democrat and a nominal Republican who looks not too different from his opponent, who are sophisticated Americans likely to choose?

The genuine article – the liberal Democrat.  Maybe we deserve it.


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  1. 21 February 2008 7:04 am

    hi. found your site from Jesus Creed. i share your sentiments on mccain, huckabee, and the dems. since romney, the only candidate closely resembling conservative principles, dropped out of the race, i’ve been wringing my hands. you may be right that we deserve the genuine, true-blue liberal democrat, but that is far too scary a thought for me. what that liberal democrat will do to our country simply is enough for me to vote for mccain, if he doesn’t implode by november.

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