Exposing Yourself

Rep. Pete Stark – I cannot call him “Honorable,” protocol notwithstanding – has done everyone a service by exposing the depth of his vitriolic, personal hatred for President Bush.

I do not play the “hate” card frivolously, but it certainly applies here.

In case you haven’t read about Stark’s remarks, he is quoted as saying that President Bush sends kids to Iraq to get their “heads blown off, for his amusement.”

Of course, Stark debases political discourse by saying stuff like that. Of course he also debases himself, to say nothing of the insensitivity to the families of our military volunteers. But it’s always useful to have a candid view of our representatives.

I don’t think Stark should apologize at all; an apology would be a sham anyway, not credible in the slightest. He just needs to own what he said, and then those he represents need to decide whether or not he is Honorable enough to have earned another term next November. It will tell us a great deal about them; perhaps more so than about him.


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