Why I Don’t Like Texas Tech

In a word: Football fans. (See also, “bush league.”)

It’s not that I can’t stand people who have gone to Texas Tech. I went there a year and had a good year overall. Silas’ football coach is a super, stand-up guy, and he’s a Red Raider alum.

It’s not even the latest t-shirt stunt, the “Vick ’em” shirts with the silhouette of MV holding a noose holding Reveille by the neck. Free speech, and all that. (Why do we worry ourselves about such stuff? Let ’em sell their t-shirts, already.)

But tucked away at the end of the Austin American-Statesman’s article on the t-shirts are these historical tidbits:

Hostility between the two schools is nothing new.

In 1999, after a Tech football victory, Red Raiders fans pelted Aggies players with batteries and taunts. Tech fans tore down the goalposts and paraded them past the Aggies’ bus.

In 2001, about 1,000 Tech celebrants tore down the goalposts, marched them the length of the field and pushed them into the A&M section of the stadium. Aggies threw ice and a skirmish ensued.

Then there were the tortillas. In 1992, Tech fans began tossing them like Frisbees onto the field during games. A year later, hundreds of tortillas — many carrying unprintable messages — were thrown during an A&M game.

No, no, go back and read it again. And again. And again, until you get it.

RR fans (1) threw batteries at people, tore down goalposts (twice), paraded them in front of a bus, pushed them into the Aggie fans and tossed tortillas onto the field (twice) with vulgarities written on them.

A&M fans *threw ice.* (In self-defense, we might add.)

Raider fans, start acting like grown-ups, would ya? Good grief. Act like you’ve been there before…even if you haven’t.


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