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Scattershooting: Thoughts on Immigration and Citizenship

3 September 2007

Welcome, legal immigrants! And congratulations. I hope you thrive here in “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”

A modest proposal: Birth in the US ought only to confer automatic citizenship upon a person who was born to parents who are already citizens of the US. Citizenship ought to be available to all others through normal immigration channels.

But we’re in a no-man’s-land with the illegals who are already here and whose children were born here. I suppose it must be illegal to deport a citizen (the child) when the undocumented parent is deported, so the bed we’ve made for ourselves creates these moral quandaries that divide families when the law is enforced.

And the Mexican president, Calderon – where does he get off lecturing the US on our immigration policies? The economic gradient that drives illegal immigration across the Rio Grande and the Sonoran desert appears to be primarily the result of the failed policies of, and rampant corruption in, the Mexican government. A nation awash in that much oil revenue ought to be able to provide for its own people to a greater degree than it does (see: “freedom,” “Iran” and “rule of law”).

A nation that cannot control its own borders to secure its own best interests is not “sovereign” in any meaningful sense. Calderon’s free to speak his mind, but he does not have the right to be taken seriously.


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