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Rethinking the “Sting”

31 August 2007

The allegations are serious, and their implications are disgusting. If the man is that kind of pervert, well, OK, it was right for him to resign and go back to the Rockies to recalibrate his life.

But if he’s not, and if – heaven forbid – the Senator’s body is found in some wilderness ravine near Boise with a griefstricken note in his pocket and a piece of lead in his skull, a certain police inquisitor will have some explaining to do for all the blood under his fingernails.

I heard the audio tape, and it sounds to me as though an overzealous cop trying to pad his resume lost his cool just long enough to show his hand. The cop blew the call, overreacted to some ambiguous “evidence,” got flummoxed in his attempts to intimidate the senator, and then got defensive about it and went off.

I sure hope the senator has some friends who won’t desert him. From where I sit, it’s not obvious that his accusers are on the up and up.

Maybe I’m wrong, and the senator was making a play for some action in a public men’s room.  If it’s true, ugh.  But what I’ve seen and heard thus far just doesn’t add up.

And I have to wonder if this creative law-enforcement tactic called the “sting” is such a great idea.  The law enforcement folks say that it’s not entrapment, but it seems to me to be a distinction without a difference.


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