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Just who are these people?

12 April 2007

I’ve been paying close attention to the church marketing materials on various web sites, banners in my home church, billboards and all the rest. Almost without exception, they feature pictures of sunny people smiling sunny smiles, giddy with delight over something…or grinning knowingly at me, as if they know more about me than I do.

I can’t speak for all of these congregations who are featuring this stuff, but I do know this: the faces I’m seeing on my home church’s marketing materials aren’t anyone local, at least not that I know or recognize. And I suspect that’s true of nearly all of them.

Who are these people, anyway? And what good do these pictures do, other than exposing the essential phoniness of the church-marketing enterprise?


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  1. 24 April 2007 1:31 pm

    Well, I found them, or at least one of the sources of those anonymous, shiny, happy people. You can actually buy them off the shelf, or have them custom-made for you, at

    And yes, it makes me ill.


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