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Brad Delp, R.I.P.

16 March 2007

As a naive 11-year-old, I flew from my home in Albuquerque to McAllen, TX, to stay with my dear grandmother, my uncle and my aunt, and play a couple of tennis tournaments. Grandma took me to the mall one day, and I splurged, putting down about 7 slaps for the recently released, eponymous album called “Boston.” I had heard that the lead guitarist was an MIT-educated brainiac who had designed and built his own 24-track recording equipment, and that was impressive enough, but all I knew as a preadolescent was that those guys knew how to rock, and that vocalist…

…wow, did he have a great set of pipes and a beautiful rock timbre.

I guess other rockers had more musical influence on the scene, but I never felt their loss quite this much. Maybe I’m just older. Maybe I’ve had similar pangs of despair now, and this is a bitter reminder. Or maybe it’s just because this guy was such a stand-up, classy, kind fellow, and it seems like such a waste. Maybe it’s all of that. But this really hurts.

Jehovah God, would you look down on Brad Delp with mercy? And on his family, friends and bandmates?


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