The Roots of Discontent

In his blog today (11/8/06), Mike Cope posed the following scenario: I spoke with two men. One is unhappy at church. Some changes have him feeling uncomfortable. He just doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want to be so uncomfortable. He doesn’t care for the way the church is heading. He’s exploring other options. The otherContinue reading “The Roots of Discontent”

Scot McKnight on the Emerging Church – Read It

I am so glad I read Mike Cope’s blog this morning, because he directed me to a transcript of a recent speech by some dude named McKnight or something at a reformed seminary somewhere. Find it at The reasons I bring it up are severalfold. 1. Not too terribly long ago, qb in hisContinue reading “Scot McKnight on the Emerging Church – Read It”