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The Right to Be An Ignoramus

1 February 2005

Perhaps qb would think differently if he had lost someone in the World Trade Center or the Pentagon or in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11…but the outrage over CU Professor Churchill’s speaking engagement at some obscure college in the Rust Belt seems a bit over the top. In what way, precisely, does Churchill actually threaten us? One extremist after another keeps popping his head up and exposing himself for what he is, and qb is actually grateful for that.

The present political environment, in large measure created by President Bush’s stubborn resolve, has been cathartic: the Michael Moores and the Howard Deans and the Terry McAuliffes and the Jacques Chiracs of the world have nowhere to run from their legacies and nowhere to hide from their true identities. Churchill is just another sorry example of the self-loathing left, and it comforts qb greatly to have such folks raise their heads instead of lurking down beneath somewhere, undetected and unexposed.

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